Triangular Mesh Patern Grating(TMPG)

Triangle mesh grating consisted of triangular structure & is strong enough for rotary impact and heavy load impact. Required Materials for installing of 100m of common grating for heavy load is same as that of 179m with triangle mesh grating installed.

With only use these, you can reduce 44.2% in weight directly, besides you can also save maintenance expenses due to weight lightening of materials. The optimal load design is possible based on each load and provides safe work place when used in the plant.

Safety net magic grating added fine net, prevents any failings of small tools thus, this would be great for shipbuilding. The innovative triangle structure enable to walk on without sliding and the wheel chair can cross without being stuck.

Triangle mesh grating is enhanced Non-Slip ability to improve embossment. Outstanding sliding prevention against raining and snowing even an ice bound seasons. Convenient to work and pass on with gasoline and oil without slippery. Providing with safer working space in power and marine plant and ship building.